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Spiritual research on dowsing – pendulum method – part1

Spiritual research on dowsing - pendulum method - part1

Our initial findings

In this video we discuss the motion of a pendulum when dowsing an average person and a person who was possessed by negative energies.

Transcript of the video

1. Introduction


In this video we will be taking you through some of our preliminary findings in spiritual dowsing. To dowse is basically to search with the aid of simple hand held tools or instruments. These instruments include y-rods, l-rods and pendulums.

By using these instruments, dowsers believe that they are able to find things that are otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. Dowsing has been primarily used for finding water beneath the surface. However apart from locating water and minerals, dowsing has also been used for other means.

For example, using a pendulum, dowsers believe that they can ask questions about a person’s life and get ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers depending on the movement of the pendulum after the question is asked to the pendulum. The questions answered with the means of a pendulum are manifold and include questions with regard to relationships, investments, the authenticity of things and even asking about the future.

We were intrigued by the various beliefs and claims of dowsers on what a pendulum as a dowsing tool can do, so we went about conducting our own study. This study is still in the preliminary stages of understanding this divination system.

These findings are based on the observation and analysis of the experiment both at a physical level, that is with the use of the intellect and through advanced sixth sense. Researching the spiritual dimension through one’s sixth sense is known as spiritual research.

2. Setting up the experiment

2.1 Choosing the sample groups

Now, in the experiment that we conducted we focused on understanding the vibrations emitted by people through the means of the movement of a pendulum when it was hung over them and we chose 4 groups for this experiment.

  1. The first group represented an average person, i.e. people with a spiritual level between 20 to 30%. People between the 20-30% spiritual level generally do not do any type of spiritual practice.

  2. The second was seekers doing regular spiritual practice and who were considered spiritually positive as they did not have any negative energy problems.

  3. The third group was of seekers doing regular spiritual practice but who were possessed by negative energies.

  4. And finally we had the privilege of conducting the test on at least six Saints. Now on a scale of zero to 100 in terms of spiritual maturity, merging with God would mean 100%. By Saints, we mean people who through spiritual practice have attained the spiritual level of at least 70%. An average person’s spiritual level in the current era is around the 20% mark.

We made this categorisation of people based on their spiritual level and their spiritual state through advanced sixth sense and from various spiritual healing experiments that we have conducted in the past. The spiritual level of a person is based on many factors and can only be obtained through an advanced sixth sense reading.

2.2 Reasons behind choosing specific categories of seekers

You may wonder why we took a category of seekers that were possessed in this experiment. The reason was because through spiritual research, we have found that approximately 30%, that’s 1 in every 3 people of the world’s population, is possessed by these negative energies and almost always without the person’s knowledge.

2.3 Choosing the dowser and the importance of a dowser having a good spiritual level

We saw to it that the person holding the pendulum or the person dowsing had to be a person not affected by negative energies and of a good spiritual level. The spiritual level of the dowser chosen for this experiment was 60%. This was so because through spiritual research, we found that they would be most likely to pick up subtle-vibrations of the subject with the help of a pendulum. A spiritually average person would not be able pick up subtle-vibrations and could easily be influenced by negative energies trying to manipulate the experiment.

We also took all care to stabilise the hand of the dowser so that imperceptible movements of the hand or fingers of the dowser would be eliminated from influencing the experiment.

3. How we conducted the experiment

At first we checked for any vibrations affecting the pendulum when the dowser held the pendulum in the place designated for the experiment and we found that there were none.

Then one at a time we asked each person from the sample that we had chosen to sit on a chair and the seeker who was dowsing to hang a pendulum over their head and observe if there was any movement. We tested for this movement at different heights at 3 feet intervals.

3.1 Different aspects of the motion of the pendulum

As the experiment proceeded, we observed different aspects of the motion of the pendulum:

  • The direction of the pendulum, i.e., whether it was clockwise, anti-clockwise, steady or haphazard

  • How far above the subjects head did the vibrations continue to affect the pendulum? Using the Ashram staircase we were able to test this up to 41 feet.

  • The speed with which the pendulum moved and the distance the pendulum traversed from its central axis.

As you can see we have an entire crew involved in the camera work and seekers with advanced sixth sense who tell us what happens in the spiritual dimension when the experiment takes place.

3.2 Example 1

I would like to now take you through an example of the observations we recorded.

The first example was that of an average person. If you recall this is a person between the 20-30% spiritual level, which is the same as the majority of the world’s population.

Effect of distance on dowsing on a average Person

As you can see from the table above, the 1st column has different height intervals. The second column shows the movement of the pendulum at the corresponding height. As you can see from the readings there is no specific trend in the direction of the pendulum. In the last column we have shown the distance the pendulum travelled from its axis in terms of the diameter of the oscillation.

The two predominant observations over here were that:

  • With the exception of the first reading that is taken at 1 foot, the pendulum hardly moved away from its central axis. The movements were so feeble as they ranged from 0.3cm to 1cm in diameter. In fact we had trouble recognising whether it was moving clockwise or anti-clockwise. The reason for the feeble movements was that the strength of the spiritual vibrations emitting from the person was very low.

  • The rotation was sometimes clockwise and at other times anti-clockwise. The reason for this haphazard direction observed was due to the fluctuating mental state of the subject.

3.3 Example 2

The second example we will be looking at is that of a person who was possessed. The whole experiment was ticking along like normal when all of a sudden the possessing entity manifested and began to have a subtle-battle with the dowser. It is for this reason that we stress that the dowser should be of a good spiritual level, that is, of at least 60%. A dowser of a lower spiritual level can get badly affected in a subtle-battle such as this. This is because the negative energy would shoot through the pendulum and enter into the dowser. At SSRF, to the best of our knowledge, we have the largest library in the world of video footage on all types of demonic possession right from the common ghost to the highest level negative energies that are maantriks (subtle sorcerers).

The pendulum moved erratically throughout the experiment. At times the pendulum would move in a clockwise manner, at other times it would move in an anti-clockwise manner, and sometimes it would be steady. What we realised out here was that we were actually measuring the vibrations of the possessing entity as opposed to the seeker. When we saw the same event through advanced sixth sense, it was actually this higher level possessing entity that was manipulating how the pendulum moved.

Now this is a table of readings taken of the seeker who was possessed, and as you can see in the middle column the direction of the pendulum had no set direction

Comparison of results of dowsing on average person and possessed person

Compared to the readings obtained from an average person, we have 2 main differences:

1. The first and most obvious one was that there was manifestation in the case of the possessed seeker.

2. In the case of the average person the pendulum went steady only after 18 feet where the vibrations could not be felt any more.

However in the case of the possessed seeker the fluctuations in direction indicated a subtle battle that was happening between the dowser and the possessing entity. Here you can see the possessing entity trying to cover the pendulum with negative energy. The reason that this entity had to manifest and be exposed was because it was forced to fight the positivity of the dowser flowing through the pendulum. When the pendulum was steady, it meant that the negativity from the possessing entity was in equal amount with the positivity coming from the dowser.

In our next episode we will be sharing with you how this happens and the dynamics in the subtle dimension between the dowser, the possessing entity, the subject and the pendulum.

Now this is the important part that would relate back to you. If the dowser does not have advanced sixth sense it is improbable that he would realise that the subject was possessed. And this is especially so if the possessing entity is a higher level maantrik. In such a case, the dowser mostly being of an average spiritual level, gets attacked by the possessing entity without his or her knowledge. Quite often we innocently try dowsing on another person but little do we know the dynamics that come into play in the spiritual dimension especially, if the subject is possessed.

Now in the above example the entity manifested and we all became aware of the unusual behavior. Most of the time a possessed person behaves normally and the possessing entity may not manifest but instead lurks behind the person’s consciousness, spewing black energy on anyone who chooses to interact with that person.

4. In summary

That’s all we have for you in this episode. But before we go lets recap some of the key findings

  • Now many of us watching this video have probably experimented with dowsing but have never thought of the various factors that come into play when we get our answers.
  • With respect to understanding vibrations emitted by a person, unless one has advanced sixth sense one cannot tell the reason behind the movement of pendulum. Nor can one tell the spiritual state of the person whose reading is being taken. This then provides a dilemma to most dowsers.
  • Due to the lack of spiritual practice there is less intensity of vibrations from an average person.
  • Now if the subject is possessed then one may think that the vibrations are from the subject when in fact from the possessing entity.

We will continue to explore the system of dowsing and will provide our findings to you in subsequent videos. I do hope this video for you has opened up different perspectives on dowsing and that you are better informed on the subtle aspects. Thank you for joining us.

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