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SSRF’s uniquely individualised spiritual practice

That there are as many pathways to God as there are people is a fundamental law of Spirituality. So how is it possible to customise spiritual practice?

World War 3 Survival Guide

With the imminent onset of World War 3 and increased natural disasters we provide a survival guide to help you through this turbulent phase in human history.

How to increase spiritual emotion (bhav)

Learn what efforts we need to make to increase spiritual emotion.

Classroom – Start your spiritual journey

Classroom – Causes of problems in life & how to overcome them

How the spiritual dimension affects our lives Part 1 of 3 from SSRF Inc.

Chanting the Name of God for health

This article describes the positive healing effect that regular chanting of specific Names of God have on a person’s state of health and well-being

Is It Possible to Cure Cancer with Alternative Spiritual Treatment?

Can cancer be cured at a spiritual level? Cancer patients who complement medical treatment with spiritual healing have a higher chance of curing cancer.

Overcoming various problems in life including depression through chanting

Ian overcame his depression and suicidal thoughts caused by negative energies through spiritual practice.

Do not waste your spiritual energy

If we use spiritual energy gained through spiritual practice, for example in the form of prayer, to get worldly benefits then the spiritual energy gets depleted.

Various ways people try to overcome their difficulties in life

Understand the common ways people try to overcome their difficulties in life and why they are not always successful.