• What is Sixth Sense?

    Explains the meaning of sixth sense and how one experiences the subtle dimension.

  • How to test your sixth sense (ESP)?

    This section explains about how to test one’s sixth sense

  • Test your sixth sense

    An activated sixth sense or subtle perception ability is an important tool in conducting spiritual research. In this section, we have presented a list of subtle-experiments. By participating in it you will be able to assess your subtle perception ability. Even if you are unable to perceive anything in the subtle-dimension or even if you […]

  • Stages in a Person’s Ability to Perceive the Spiritual Dimension

    The following are the stages in a person’s ability to perceive the subtle

  • What Are Drawings Based on Spiritual Knowledge

    Abstract: Drawings based on spiritual knowledge are an important tool in Spiritual research. They have the same place like X-rays have in medical science. They provide an authentic glimpse into the subtle world for those who cannot look into it by themselves. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has used the gift of sixth sense or […]

  • How Much Can We Perceive with Sixth Sense (Psychic) Abilities?

    Quite often, we come across pictures or photographs on the Internet that have captured images of ghosts. These photographs provide a blurred glimpse into paranormal activity around us. The truth is that we are almost all the time impacted by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) whether we are aware of it or not. In […]

  • Spiritual Research on the Life and Predictions of Nostradamus

    This article gives a spiritual perspective on the spiritual life of Nostradamus and the information has been obtained through an advanced sixth sense.