Quite often we all have pondered about the quintessential question, ‘Why are we born?’ or ‘What is meant by afterlife?’ or ‘What is the purpose of life?’ We may have our own standpoint about this, but it may not necessarily be from a spiritual perspective. The two generic reasons why we are born is to complete our give and take account with different people and to make spiritual progress to gain God-realisation. When we merge with God, we are liberated from the cycle of birth and death. But what happens after death if we remain in this cycle? Is there an afterlife? When we look at numerous cases of reincarnations, there was a variable time lag between the death of an individual and his next reincarnation on Earth. The innumerable researched cases of past life experiences clearly indicate to afterlife. So, where do we go in the afterlife till our next reincarnation? Is there a single plane of existence or there are different planes of existence which maybe positive or negative in nature? What are the contributing factors that decide where we go after death? Does the plane we go to in the afterlife depend on our spiritual level; merits and demerits ? In the following articles we will present answers to all these questions and more. These answers are obtained through spiritual research done by seekers of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) with highly developed sixth sense (ESP).

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Life before birth: The time before conception

After we die on Earth, we go to one of the different subtle regions of the Universe depending on our spiritual level; merits and demerits.

Life before birth − Time in the womb

A person’s designated life on Earth starts at the time of conception. This is in accordance with his destiny.

What happens after death?

Life after death – What happens after we die?

What happens to us in our afterlife? Where do we go? Is there a single or different subtle regions in the Universe?

Spiritual perspective of ‘going into the light’

This article explains why we commonly hear the phrase of ‘going towards the light’ and what actually happens at a spiritual level.

What is the region of the dead?

Immediately after death, we all go through an interim subtle region in the Universe known as the Region of the Dead. Here, our subtle-body gets accustomed to its new state without a gross body.

Can we meet our ancestors and loved ones in the afterlife?

All of us wonder if we could possibly meet our departed ancestors and loved ones when we leave this Earth at the time of death. This article explains who we can and cannot meet in the afterlife.

What is the spiritual perspective on contacting my departed relatives through a medium or an Ouija board?

Understand why communicating with the dead has absolutely no spiritual value and how it only creates a loss to both the ancestor and to the descendant.

Why would the deceased require help in the afterlife?

Why do people need spiritual help after they die?

After death, depending on our spiritual level we go to one subtle plane of existence. As most people are not doing regular spiritual practice, many people go to the Nether region or regions of hell.

How can we help our departed family members in the afterlife?

After the death of a family member we pay our tribute to them by offering flowers to their grave, or publishing kind words about them in the obituary section of a newspaper or hang their photograph in our house. However, all of this has no significance in helping our deceased ancestors in their afterlife.

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Where do we go after deathWhere do we go after death until our next reincarnation on Earth?





Going towards the lightWhat the phrase ‘the light at the end of a tunnel’ means from a spiritual perspective?





Helping ancestors in the afterlifeUnderstand what one can do to help our departed ancestors in the afterlife.

Research suggested

Cremation vs burial

Cremation is a practice where the last rites of a person are done by burning the dead body is the most spiritually beneficial death rite.

Scattering ashes from a cremation urn

How should we scatter the ashes of our loved ones after they are cremated?

Chant for ancestral problems

When we do the protective chant of “Shri Gurudev Datta” our departed ancestors receive maximum spiritual help in their afterlife.

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Scattering ashes from a cremation urn − effect on people in the afterlifeHow should we scatter the ashes of our loved ones after they are cremated ?

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Ancestral problems from afterlifeUnderstand how and why our departed ancestors need help in the afterlife.

Destiny and Karma (afterlife)Did you know that 65% of the events that happen in our lives are predestined?

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Destiny and the law of karma (afterlife)Many events in our lives are destined, beginning with our birth and the time of our death.

Destiny and Karma (afterlife)Doing spiritual practice as per the six basic gives us the spiritual energy to overcome our destiny.

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Subtle experiment on belongings

Test your sixth sense on this subtle experiment on belongings.