Spiritual Researchers from “Living Unitedly” organization visit the SSRF Spiritual Research Centre

Mr. Amol Sutrale and Mr. Nirvan Anand from “Living Unitedly” organization visited the SSRF Spiritual Research Centre in Goa, India. Mr. Amol Sutrale (a lawyer) and Mr. Nirvan Anand (an engineer) by profession have a keen interest in the spiritual dimension and how it affects a person’s life. Mr. Nirvan Anand has also been actively studying and researching the paranormal […]

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Increase in national conflicts indicate the beginning of World War 3

Recently, SSRF published a blog post about recent natural disasters that are on the rise. We have noticed that national conflicts are on the rise as well. Here are some examples of nations in conflict: Ukraine and Russia conflict over Crimea Syrian Civil War South Sudanese conflict Central African Republic conflict Egyptian Revolution in 2011 Nepal Civil War, etc. Heidelberg […]

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