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7/13/2017 - How to overcome Insomnia: Auritro Mallick's case study (English)

It seems a good night's sleep is hard to come by. Why is this? What are the reasons people find it difficult to get a good nights rest nowadays?

Auritro Mallick suffered from insomnia for 4 consecutive years and he was desperate to find out how to overcome it. In this webinar, he will share how he overcame his insomnia through spiritual remedies and spiritual practice.

We will also speak about various solutions for other sleep disorders like sleep paralysis, sleep walking, reoccurrent nightmares, and many more.

Auritro is from Houston, USA and started his spiritual practice with SSRF in 2010. As his service to God, he is the webmaster of the SSRF website. Currently he is doing full time spiritual practice at the SSRF Research Centre and ashram with his wife, Radha Mallick.

When : London 17:00 | Berlin 18:00 | Mumbai 21:30

Status : Upcoming

Hosted By :

Radha Mallick

Radha started her spiritual practice with SSRF in 2009 and is from Vancouver, Canada. She is an Early Childhood Educator by profession. Her service includes organizing SSRF Webinars and she is responsible for all activities and seekers in Canada. She is also conducting SSRF workshops in Canada & India.

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