Karma Landing


  • Atonement for overcoming sin

    What one can do to eliminate the effects of sin, the benefit of atoning for sins and importance of spiritual practice in eliminating desires that lead to sin

  • Consequences of sin

    SSRF explains the punishment or consequences of sin faced by those who commit a sin

  • Types of sins

    SSRF explains the types of sins one can commit and how turning a blind eye towards sin makes us party to it.

  • What are merits and sins?

    SSRF offers a definition of merits and sins and explains why they determine our happiness or sorrow, how we earn them and what limitations merits have too

  • Liberation from the cycle of birth and death

    Liberation from the cycle of birth and death

  • Destiny and the rule of give-and-take

    Destiny and the rule of give-and-take

  • Who do we have a give-and-take account with?

    We generally have the highest give-and-take account with the people we are closest to and with our family members. Please read the article on what is a give-and-take account. If we were to consider all the give-and-take accounts we have in our lifetime with the people that we know, then who would be the people with whom […]

  • Mechanism of action of the give-and-take account and why we sometimes do the things we do?

    1. Introduction As mentioned in an earlier article destiny accounts for 65% of our lives. This is the part of our lives that is not under our control. Due to the give-and-take account that we create with the individuals around us, we also increase the amount of account that we have to settle in either this […]

  • Purpose of life

    In most cases, we have our own agenda on what our purpose in life is. However from a spiritual perspective, there are two generic reasons why we are born.

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