Personality Defect Removal as spiritual practice

1. Introduction to personality defect removal as spiritual practice

There is a saying in ancient scriptures that the mind is responsible for both man’s binding and his ultimate liberation from the cycle of birth-death or happiness-unhappiness. The personality defects in a person are responsible for unhappiness, whereas his qualities are responsible for happiness and contentment. The qualities or defects seen in an individual stem from the corresponding impressions of qualities or defects in his sub-conscious mind.

In order to lead a happy life and for effective spiritual practice it is essential that the personality defects in an individual are destroyed and qualities are imbibed or developed. Personality defects are the main obstacle in obtaining/experiencing happiness or contentment in one’s life. . Also they are the main obstacle in the efforts for attaining God, that is, in one’s spiritual practice. The more the personality defects, the more the mistakes in one’s individual and collective spiritual practice and the further away one is from the God. Hence, to avoid this, it is essential to remove personality defects.

2. What is personality?

While performing any action, when repeatedly same impressions in the sub-conscious mind keep surfacing, they are called as ‘personality’. In short, personality means person’s nature. In many individuals, the occurrence of this happens so often that one can classify it as qualities or defects.

Refer to the article and tutorial which explains the functional structure of the mind.

3. What are personality qualities and defects?

Generally, good impressions (habits) are called personality qualities and bad impressions are called personality defects. Due to a certain personality aspect, either that individual or another person suffers as a result of his actions. In that case, this is known as that person’s personality defect. Here we will discuss only about personality defects.

4. Actions and reactions

Our actions and reactions are dependant on the impressions in our mind. Due to improper actions and reactions, either we face problems or we give others problems. Hence, reactions surface in our mind about it. Therefore, we should pay attention to our actions and reactions in minute detail constantly.

5. The process of removal of personality defects as spiritual practice

The process of removing personality defects from the perspective that they are an impediment in one’s spiritual growth is known as ‘the process of removing personality defects as spiritual practice’. We all know that a drop of oil cannot merge completely in water. This is because the characteristics of both are very different to each other. So also to achieve the pinnacle of spiritual growth that is God-realisation or merging with God, we need to remove all of our personality defects. This is because God has no defects.

Even if our spiritual objective is not the highest (i.e., God-realization), but instead is merely to lead a fulfilling life and avoid life’s negative effects experienced at a physical, psychological, society and spiritual level, still we need to remove our personality defects at least to a certain extent. Also, some removal of our defects makes our personality and the environment around us more conducive to spiritual practice.